NINVVS 1 wooden clock, with 2 watch stickers, wooden learning clock, teaching clock, color clock, time, educating children Toys & Games - B0BLC1QYJM

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NINVVS 1 wooden clock with 2 watch stickers wooden learning clock teaching clock color clock time educating children - B0BLC1QYJM

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  • [Package content] You will get a wooden clock with a diameter of about 14cm, which can meet the children's learning needs, master the concept of time, and two watch stickers, which are beautiful.

  • [For teaching] Wooden clock can help children to establish time awareness, understand the concept of time, and cultivate self-discipline habits. It has hour and minute hands. You can point to any number to get the time you need through the operation of the clock, so as to teach children to establish good thinking mode and behavior habits.

  • [Simple operation] Just twist the pointer on the disc to adjust the time, which is simple and easy to operate. By pointing to different numbers each time, different time is obtained.

  • [Robust material] The teaching clock is made of high-quality wooden material, which is firm and durable, not easy to break and damage, with smooth surface, non-toxic and odor free. Children can use it at ease, and safety can be guaranteed while learning.

  • [Scope of application] The teaching clock is applicable to schools, classrooms, families, etc. It is also a commonly used teaching tool in kindergartens. The clock toy can stimulate children's interest in time cognition and cultivate their correct concept of time.

  • Product Details:

    Wooden clock:

    Weight: about 30g

    Material: wood

    Color: sky blue

    Applicable age: children over 3 years old are recommended

    About 14cm in diameter

    Watch sticker:

    2 random watch stickers

    Size: 12cm * 6.8cm

    NINVVS 1 wooden clock with 2 watch stickers wooden learning clock teaching clock color clock time educating children - B0BLC1QYJM

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