Carrera 20064160 Dodge Slot Car, Blue Toys & Games - B085V7MPTY

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Carrera 20064160 Dodge Slot Car Blue - B085V7MPTY

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    2015 SRT Viper "Ben Keating Team, No.93" Carrera GO !!!, GO !!! plus Faithful replica of the US racing car 1:43 scale From age 6 This car perfectly combines racing power with stylish US design Here comes the absolute eye-catcher on your Carrera GO !!! Car racing track: the Carrera GO is stylishly painted in the US colors red, white and blue with the striking stars on the hood! Doge Viper is a true copy of the original, down to the smallest detail. The green splashes of color in the start number - the No.93, on the rear-view mirrors and on the spoiler - add additional highlights. With this cool styling, the 2015 SRT Viper "Ben Keating Team, No.93" not only makes the hearts of fans of the US racing scene beat faster! So prove your talent on the hand controller and heat this racing car down the living room slope. Exciting and action-packed races Your friends are pre-programmed. This Carrera GO !!! car is the perfect introduction to the Carrera racing scene for all up-and-coming racing drivers aged 6 and over. Sleek vehicle for action in the living room The Dodge Viper is a classic in American car and racing history. The Bolide was the US automaker's most powerful car in the 1990s and 2000s and impressed numerous fans in the grandstands of the racetracks and behind the wheel. The mighty powerhouse brings up to 408 hp to the track and a lot of speed into the race. With the 2015 SRT Viper "Ben Keating Team, No.93" you live the American racing dream on the Carrera GO !!! racetrack. The sleek model in white with the red-blue racing stripe is also a real eye-catcher when you go to the Living Room Cup start.

    Safety Warning

    Not suitable under 36 months

    Carrera 20064160 Dodge Slot Car Blue - B085V7MPTY

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